New Museum, Planet Word, Opens in Washington, DC

We’re excited to share that Planet Word in Washington, DC officially opened its doors to the public on Thursday!  Planet Word is a new, start-up museum with a mission of inspiring a love of words and language. The project features nine permanent galleries, each with their own voice-activated experience; a standalone, puzzle-solving gallery; a voice-activated 22-foot-high Word Wall; and a 5,000-LED globe with word games.

“I am so thrilled to open Planet Word’s doors to the public and cannot imagine a more fitting time for a museum of language to open in our nation’s capital. Democracy depends on literate citizens. I hope that Planet Word can provide a forum for civil discourse and a place where our community, in all its vibrant diversity, can gather to share the words that bridge differences and forge solutions.” Museum Founder & CEO Ann Friedman said in a statement.

Zubatkin is very proud to have played a role in supporting this important institution, and we look forward to its continued success.  Read the full announcement on The Washington Post, and watch the virtual ribbon cutting video here.

Congratulations Planet Word!

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