Planet Word Launches New Exhibit

Last month, The New York Times covered the opening of Lexicon Lane, the newest exhibition at Planet Word in Washington, DC. Lexicon Lane is a combination escape room and puzzle hunt that challenges visitors to solve a number of different cases.

In the article, journalist Deb Amlen highlighted that Planet Word is housed in the historic Franklin School building, adding that the museum’s construction intentionally serves its mission, which is to celebrate language in a fun, alternative, and engaging way. “The call to recognize language as a powerful tool is everywhere,” Amlen wrote, noting that “most of the exhibits at Planet Word are visual, touchable and highly interactive.”

Zubatkin is honored to have the privilege of working with Planet Word and the project team, including assisting in the management of Lexicon Lane. Read the full article in The New York Times and find out more about our work with Planet Word.

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