American Museum of Natural History

Permanent Halls

The permanent halls at the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) are iconic spaces that represent the core of the Museum’s exhibit program.  In coordination with AMNH’s curatorial staff and senior leadership, Zubatkin assisted in developing a consistent process for the development of the permanent hall projects that allows for enhancement and utilization of the Museum’s infrastructure, as well as flexibility in content delivery for the long term.

Specific projects have included:

  • Milstein Hall of Ocean Life: Home to one of the Museum’s most celebrated displays, the Hall of Ocean Life highlights the complexity of the undersea world and the marine environment. The renovation of this dynamic hall involved new large-scale media and upgrades to the exhibits, iconic blue whale, ceiling lighting, fire protection systems and other infrastructure.
  • Anne and Bernard Spitzer Hall of Human Origins: This dynamic exhibit pairs fossils with DNA research to present the remarkable history of human evolution, covering millions of years of human history. The project introduced all new exhibits, technology, and a new teaching classroom.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall: Charting Theodore Roosevelt’s journey from a budding naturalist to an elected leader with a deep commitment to conservation, the renovated hall includes a new bronze sculpture of Theodore Roosevelt and four key exhibition areas. The project also includes new audio-visual elements, as well as restoring the overall exterior and interior spaces.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda: A New York City interior landmark, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda welcomes many visitors to the Museum and features an impressive dinosaur exhibit. The project involved the restoration of the historic murals, as well as improvements to the visitor circulation and lighting.
  • Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Hall of the Universe: Located on the lower level of the Rose Center for Earth and Space, this hall presents the discoveries of modern astrophysics.  Zubatkin’s involvement focused on the completion of the construction, exhibit installation and close-out of the project.

Role + Responsibilities

Over the last twenty years-five, Zubatkin has had the privilege of partnering with the Museum on its major capital projects and other master planning initiatives. For the permanent hall projects, Zubatkin assisted in the management of the design, construction and transition to the Museum for operation. The Zubatkin team provided leadership and expertise on the project phasing and logistics, setting up a schedule for construction that allowed AMNH to maintain its ongoing operations while ensuring public safety. The firm also developed and managed the project budgets and schedules, and provided technical input related to the overall scope and implementation strategy.

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  • Client American Museum of Natural History
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