Superblue Miami

Experiential Arts Center

Superblue is a new, innovative arts venture that aims to bring groundbreaking experiential arts installations to broader audiences. Superblue’s Experiential Art Centers (EACs) will exhibit foundational artists like James Turrell, best known for his work with light and space; teamLab, a Japanese Art Collective that works in complex technological media; and Es Devlin, an artist known for large-scale performative sculptures and environments.

Zubatkin collaborated with Superblue on its first location in Miami, where a former food distribution warehouse was leased from the neighboring Rubell Museum and transformed into a flexible exhibition space design to accept large scale, immersive art installations. The project required the navigation of local approvals with the City of Miami, including the Fire Department and Department of Public Works, and involved a close collaboration with the Mayor’s Office to meet critical opening deadlines.

Role + Responsibilities

Zubatkin was engaged to manage the planning, design, approvals, and construction of the base building renovations necessary to accommodate the exhibition programming for Superblue Miami. This included major modifications to the building’s HVAC, electrical, and life safety infrastructure, as well as architectural modifications throughout to achieve the programmatic goals of Superblue Leadership. The Zubatkin team was also responsible for overseeing the development and integration of internationally renowned artwork, as well as coordinating the construction of the artwork installations themselves. The unique nature of this major, immersive, highly technical artwork required full integration into all building life safety systems, intensive coordination with all artists to meet their high standards, as well as thorough logistics coordination.

Following the success of the opening of the inaugural Superblue Miami EAC, several other locations are currently in development across the United States. Zubatkin maintains a longstanding partnership with Superblue, serving as a trusted advisor in the planning and management of the additional locations.

Related Projects

  • Client Superblue
  • Location Miami, FL
  • Size

    50,000 sf

  • Architect
    • Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design
    • teamLab (Artist)
    • Es Devlin (Artist)
    • James Turrel (Artist)
  • Construction Manager
    • Link Construction Group