Theatre Row

Real property, as we have all learned, brings out the worst in everybody. A rare exception is Zubatkin, who know their trade so well and practice it so wisely, evenhandedly and honorably that our not-for-profit development company would not consider embarking on another construction project were they unavailable to protect our interests. Building in New York City can be a nerve wracking experience. Zubatkin makes it far less so.

Mr. Frederic Papert
Former President of the 42nd Street Development Corporation

The renovation and expansion of Theatre Row represents one of the largest Off Broadway redevelopments in New York City history. The development involved the construction of five small to mid-size theaters ranging from 90 to 200 seats, studio spaces, ticketing areas, dressing rooms, administrative offices, and other necessary support facilities. The 42nd Street Development Corporation—a non-profit formed in 1990 to revitalize the historic Times Square corridor along 42nd Street —initiated the project by selling its air-rights to a developer in exchange for a newly renovated and expanded theater complex and endowment funds.

Role + Responsibilities

The 42nd Street Development Corporation engaged Zubatkin when the project was at a standstill to facilitate the clarification of responsibilities and the scope of work. Once this was accomplished, the Zubatkin team confirmed the specific programmatic requirements, including mechanical, acoustics, and theatrical equipment required for the operation of the theater. Zubatkin was also responsible for overseeing the balance of the facility’s design and construction through commissioning and occupancy. The firm’s In-House Technical Group was instrumental in defining the programmatic requirements, reviewing drawings, and resolving technical issues.

Theatre Row represents a key milestone in the redevelopment of the Times Square area and today serves as a home to several successful resident theater companies.

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  • Client 42nd Street Development Corporation
  • Location New York, NY
  • Size

    53,000 sf

  • Architect
    • H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture
  • Construction Manager
    • Lend Lease

Target:  LEED Silver

Low VOC materials used

LED lighting reduces material consumption and energy

Green Cleaning Program