Superblue Launches New, Innovative Arts Experience

We’re delighted to share the public launch of Superblue, a new, innovative arts venture that aims to bring experiential and immersive art exhibits to diverse audiences.  Through individual Experiential Art Centers (or EACs for short), exhibits will include deep dives into the works of notable artists like JR, a French photographer who focuses on social justice issues; James Turrell, a light and space artist; and teamlab, a Japanese Art Collective.

Zubatkin is collaborating with Superblue on its first location in Miami, where a formerly abandoned industrial building across from the Rubell Museum is being transformed to present the work of multiple artists.  The team has been responsible for overseeing the design and construction of the Miami EAC, as well as managing the development of the exhibits.  Superblue is expecting to open other such centers in the future in the United States, Europe and Asia.  For more on this New York Times story, click here.

Congratulations to Superblue on this new venture!

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