Larissa H. Albert, Director, Project Controls

Larissa has been instrumental in the development of Zubatkin’s proprietary cost control and reporting systems.  Working closely with our project managers, her responsibilities include developing and managing project budgets, modeling cash flow requirements, tracking funding sources, conducting monthly cost reconciliations, contract and cost tracking, contingency reviews, and vetting and processing invoices for payment.  With over fifteen years of experience in the construction industry, her strategic and pro-active management of budgets and contingencies helps to anticipate and mitigate project risks that may arise.

Larissa is also particularly knowledgeable in managing projects that have received public funding.  She has worked with a variety of public agencies to successfully structure financial documentation according to a specific agency’s compliance and reporting requirements. Notable clients include the American Museum of Natural History, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, USGA,  Educational Alliance, and Global Holdings.

In addition to her project responsibilities, Larissa leads Zubatkin’s Outreach Team, an internal charitable initiative that coordinates volunteer opportunities for staff to give back to the local community. In recognition of her leadership and community service, she was selected as the inaugural recipient of the Erica Lindenbaum Tishman Award.

Escola Tecnica Protasio Alves, Brazil
Bachelor of Accounting Systems

Universidade Ritter dos Reis, Brazil
Legal Studies