Central Queens Academy

Central Queens Academy (“CQA”) is a tuition-free, public middle school. Established in 2012, CQA serves close to 400 scholars of diverse backgrounds from kindergarten through eight grade. The institution’s mission is to prepare each and every student for a college education.

With the goal of creating unified facilities to grow their program, CQA has searched for and reviewed a number of opportunities to work with development partners on the construction of purpose-built facilities for the school in Queens. CQA advanced the programming and design efforts to the Concept Design level and then worked with development partners, who was in turn responsible for completing the design and building out the space according to the institution’s requirements.

Role + Responsibilities

Zubatkin serves as CQA’s trusted advisor, representing their interests in all aspects of the development of the projects. In coordination with CQA’s legal counsel, Zubatkin reviewed and advised on the terms of the development agreement, guided the design to ensure alignment with CQA’s goals. The In-House Technical Group provided input on the project costs and issued technical reviews of the drawings at key milestones.

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  • Client Central Queens Academy
  • Location Queens, NY
  • Size

    80,000 sf

  • Architect
    • GLUCK+
  • Construction Manager