Campus Master Plan

Founded in 1960, Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School (LuHi) is a private Christian college-preparatory school serving students in grades 6 through 12 at a historic, 32-acre campus. In an effort to strategically review their priorities for the future, LuHi embarked on several campus planning initiatives to further align the campus’s physical environment with the School’s core mission, programmatic goals, and identity.

The planning effort began with a high-level review of LuHi’s existing campus facilities to develop a baseline understanding of the key opportunities and constraints. Through a series of workshops with its community of administrators, faculty, alumni, students and parents, the School subsequently developed a new Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan. The resulting goals include:

  • Re-imagining academic classrooms as flexible, modern learning spaces;
  • Elevating STEM and Arts programs;
  • Building upon a strong athletics program;
  • Identifying sustainability strategies;
  • Improving landscape connectivity by enhancing circulation, wayfinding, site safety and security.

Role + Responsibilities

Working closely with LuHi’s leadership team and community, Zubatkin served as a strategic advisor for the development of the overall master planning process, providing LuHi with a variety of key decision-making tools. The scope of this work included recommendations regarding governance, decision-making and stakeholder outreach; facilitating consultant selection efforts; and technical guidance regarding the design and construction scenarios under consideration. Zubatkin also assisted in refining scope of work options and developing potential cost models for implementation.

Since the completion of the master plan, Zubatkin has been engaged to oversee the renovation of LuHi’s middle and high school classroom building, which includes a STEM and Innovation Center.

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  • Client LuHi (Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School)
  • Location Long Island, New York
  • Size

    32-Acre Campus

  • Architect
    • Sage and Coombe Architects
    • Mathews Nielsen Landscape Architects
  • Construction Manager
    • TBD